Just a quick update. . .
We've received our Retailer certificate for GA, so we now have the Tax ID and associated paperwork to at least start the process of getting distribution agreements.  We've reached out to one, as a starting point, this evening, to see if there are other bits we're missing (some folks are saying we need the occupational certificate for the store before we can be a distributor, but it's unclear if that's common or not).  We should know in a day or two.
We've added several T-shirts to the store, and have also ordered some trial runs to see how they look (including the event shirts for staffers).
Oh, and the other day we posted our first YouTube video.  It's just a cheesy walkthrough of the site as it stands now.  You can click on the link at the bottom of the page to see it.  I'm not linking it here because, really, I want to test the link at the bottom of the page.