As I mentioned in the last post, we switch to Optima for our main font.  Beyond that, thanks to an inappropriately executed “rm” command, I ended up having to re-create several of the logos and banners for things like the website, FaceBook, Twitter, etc.  Here's what we have so far:
This is a standard, flat background banner for things like FaceBook.  Basically, any site that seems to puke on gradient backgrounds (like FaceBook) get this treatment:
This next one is the same banner, but with a slight gradient.  This works for sites like Twitter, and other places that aren't hating on gradients:
This is the white lettering used for things like T-shirts, etc, as well as the main website.  The source file has a black canvas, just so we can actually read the lettering, but it's generally uploaded with a transparent background:
Up next is a profile picture for the store.  It's used on FaceBook, Twitter, etc:
I stil have to re-create the favicon, since that was also trashed by the “rm” command.  And, for the record, yes, I usually keep backups of everything but I've been working on these while on vacation, and neglected to put them in the cloud directory that is automagically backed up.