Happy Thanksgiving to anyone who may actually be reading this!
While we're in California with family for a few days, the progress on Meeple Madness continues. . .
For starters, on November 19th, the state issued our Certificate of Organization for “MEEPLE MADNESS, LLC.”  So, we're officially named and registered with the state.  On November 26th our Articles of Organization were filed,  and the IRS provided us with our EIN number of tax returns.
With all that, it means we can finally get moving on setting up our bank accounts, sign a more official lease, and get moving more aggressively on the build out.
Beyond that, we've changed our logo.  We've moved from the Cochin font to Optima, because that seems cleaner and bolder.  It's also, apparently, my wife's personal favorite, which was a nice surprise to learn.  I don't know that I have a favorite font.  I should get one, I suppose, before all the kids are talking.
Beyond the font, we updated the Meeple in the logo.  The original one was done quickly, and I used a jagged line to hide the sins of my artwork.  As we moved towards getting the sign done, the Sign People needed the image in vector graphics format before they could proceed (along with a Pantone color).  That inspired me to hunt down a decent program that will create vector graphics, and redo the Meeple as an actual shape, rather than a collection of pieced together lines.  He's not perfectly symmetrical, but we think that gives him a bit of character.
As for colors, I think we're going with Pantone Coated 286 C, but I'm still working through that.
I've also setup a call with Crystal Commerce on Monday to talk about their system for use in our store.  In the meantime, we're researching banking options to handle payroll and merchant transactions.