The property is slowly coming together.  We're still discussing floor plans, due to things we forgot (like a water heater) to put on the plan.  The builder, of course, didn't forget, so he pointed it out.  The plan now is to walk the building on Monday, to get a final plan in place.
They framed the exterior walls in preparation for the dry-wall, so that's progress.
We've also started working with the sign designers, to get a sign up on the building.  As I suspected, the lettering right now is a bit too thin, so we're working through that.
Some flooring samples have come in – rubber, etc.  We're hoping to have a soft-impact floor but, so far, we're not entirely excited about the choices we've found.
We're also trying to find someone to build the tables for us, and the search for a decent Point-of-Sale solution continues.
In the meantime, here are a few pictures of the site. . .
The first two are shots taken from another store front across the way.  We are located right next to the Antiques store.  We have everything up to the corner of the building, including a small outside area that will be gated to allow for non-secure storage or even a small patio area.
The interior is still a work in progress, as you can see from the picture below.   They won't pour the floor until we've settled on the floor plan, because that might change where plumbing and other fixtures are dug.
Lots to do.  Next week is a vacation week for my day job, so we're hopeful we'll be able to get a bit more research done on furnishings, POS, etc.