Well, today we got a few things accomplished; we met with the builder to go over a few ideas for floor plans.  We also met with our accountant and started the process of getting an LLC established.  We had to provide two names, in case the first one is rejected.  So, we've got “Meeple Madness” as our first choice, and “Corellian Games” as the second.  We've purchased both domains, but we're reasonably confident that we'll get Meeple, so we're mostly focusing on that.
We also grabbed Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube accounts under those names (or as close as we could get), and setup an unpublished FaceBook page.
Of course, we don't have a whole lot of stuff to tweet about, but hopefully we'll be needing those in the near future.
The floor plan is really to just establish the things we need to get to code, as well as figure out any interior walls we want.  We've set it up with separate bathrooms for men and women, and a small office in the back corner that will mostly be used for storage.  There's also a half-high wall right outside the office.  It either hides the mop-sink (required by code), or will be a backing wall for a public sink for folks to wash their paint brushes and what not.
The Current Draft of our floor plan proposalThe red squares are tables we'll be having built – the larger ones are eight feet by four feet. The smaller ones are four feet square.  Of course, we haven't figured out how we're building them yet, but the idea is to have smaller tables for games like Catan or The Star Wars Miniature game, and larger tables for WarHammer, etc.
The blue areas are retail shelves of some kind (haven't selected anything yet).
We've decided to have the walls framed out with sheet rock (we'll have to paint), but we'll be leaving the ceiling exposed to give it an industrial look.
The purple and green squares are just sort of place holders for where trash and recycling might go.
The “S” counter is for snacks, painting, etc; customers will be able to sit on one side.  The “P” counter is a preparation area – maybe fountain drinks, snacks, etc, to sell at cost to the folks in the store.  We're not looking to make money on snacks, but we want to make it convenient and comfortable for folks to hang out for a few hours.
The builder has accepted the basic plans in principle, but they're still reviewing things with the city, etc, to make sure we're up to code.  We may need a third bathroom, for example.  We've started shopping around for the various things to go into the store – retail shelving, convenience lockers, and a retail POS system, but we haven't made any decisions yet.
And that about wraps it up for the day.  I'm supposed to meet with the Land Lord tomorrow, and review the lease.